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Soup's on in Tacoma

Fall is here. The days are shorter and the air is crisp, which probably means… you’re cold. We at Cascade Home Group have decided to share with you a few of our favorite tasty places to stay toasty this fall, because it’s soup season, y’all.

Moshi Moshi: 110 N Tacoma Ave, Ste B

Ramen is more than mere "soup" but it will still warm you right up! Still fairly new to the area, Moshi Moshi is located in the Stadium District next door to its sister restaurant, Indo Asia Eatery. Moshi Moshi’s ramen menu contains a variety of bone and miso broths, individually paired with a plethora of ingredients including rice noodles, aji tomagu, pork belly, tofu and loads more. The spicy Tan Tan red miso ramen is a favorite in the Douville household—it's exceptionally rich in flavor and loaded with a bang of spice. The menu doesn’t stop at ramen either, Moshi Moshi offers several Japanese dishes like dumplings, bao, and a selection of donburi (bowl) dishes. Throw in a drink off of their fun cocktail menu for a pretty sweet (or spicy) date night. Bonus, they are also vegetarian and vegan friendly!

Happy Belly: 1122 Market St

The motto at Happy Belly is “Feel. Good. Food.” and they couldn’t be more correct. Although they offer an assortment of sandwiches, rice bowls, and fresh squeezed juices, it’s the Tom Kah no Gai soup that brings me back every time. The owners and staff of Happy Belly Pride themselves in their use of the freshest organic ingredients, meaning somedays—like that last time I went in for a bowl of the delicious coconut veggie soup—when it’s gone, it’s gone. Fear not though, because there's always a tasty alternative such as the red pepper kale soup or the green curry garden bowl. Also, if you find something you like and don’t feel like leaving the comfort of home, they offer “Feel Good Food Classes” where you can learn how to whip something up in your own kitchen!

Infinite Soups: 445 Tacoma Ave S & 1102 A St & Facebook for daily menu updates

Oh man, what a classic Tacoma spot. I can’t take any credit for finding this little gem, which is why I have asked for a guest writer on this piece. A true ambassador of Infinite Soups, Jawanza Damany Barial-Lamumba was once a Tacoma transplant who attended UPS and decided to bless us with his presence for several more years while working at the downtown YMCA. Now relocated (sadly) to the Chicago YMCA, he still has a lot to say about this savory place:

(Catie and Jawanza being themselves.)

“I regularly come back to Tacoma, Washington in the spring, summer, and fall (not usually the winter) and whenever I do, Infinite Soups is always on my agenda. What I love about Infinite Soups is the fact they have a big selection (usually around 20) of different soups, with a variety of different flavors, styles, and choices of ingredients. It can be rich and flavorful, warm and soothing, [but it's] always tasty and filling. I can bring any of my friends, inclusive of vegan friends and gluten-free amigos, grab a handful of soups and always walk away full and happy. The only downside is that it’s hard to find another soup shop that can do soup justice after the infinitely delightful experience I have here.”

Pho Bac: 1115 S 11th St

It’s small, simple, cash only, but so dang good. Pho Bac is the epitome of a “hole in the wall” restaurant. They’ve also become so familiar with us that John barely has to nod and the staff knows we’re in need of a couple large rare beef #1s. The true-to-northern-Vietnamese flavors of Pho Bac are a favorite of mine, especially the meaty, salty and simple clear broth. Add a couple of fresh spring rolls and a complimentary pot of tea and you’re in for a full, warm belly. If you’re on a chilly walk in the Hill Top area and craving some salty goodness (maybe after a long night), I highly suggest stopping in. Just don’t forget those dollar bills!

There is no website, because they are THAT small, so here’s a picture of the menu!

Bonus Fun Fact: There are actually multiple types of Pho! Pho Bac’s southern Vietnamese counterpart uses a much sweeter, often cardamom-filled complex broth commonly known as Pho Nam. Stay tuned because we will be exploring Pho Nam at a later time!

We hope our friends are all staying warm this time year but if not maybe a few of these places can help!

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