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Enjoying Beer in Kid Friendly Tacoma

If you’ve ever hung out with John and me outside of work, 9 times out of 10 there's likely a tasty brew involved (don’t judge). We’ve watched the great “brewery boom” through Tacoma over the last few years, spreading from downtown to 6th Ave. As the beer scene grew, we noticed something else. Our families and our friends' families began to grow as well.

No fear mamas and papas, we know it can be tough getting out of the house between the time your bundles of joy arrive and when they turn 18. So, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite spots to enjoy a beer where the kiddos can tag along.

State Street Beer Co.: 606 N State Street

State Street Beer Company is a bright friendly spot located in our little 6th Ave neighborhood. While “researching” this location, I was lucky enough to briefly meet the owner, Dusty. I quickly asked about the location and what his vision was for this little slice of 6th Ave. His response was simply, “It’s all about the community.” As I looked around, I realized I’m never alone here. There are always families catching up with old friends, other young minds at work behind the keyboard and usually someone quietly reading the paper at the bar top. This cheerfully modern corner of Tacoma offers small plates, rotating taps, and a selection of kid-friendly beverages. I suggest bringing an activity or two to keep your tiny humans entertained while waiting for one of the many varieties of flat breads (or “personal pizza” for parents of picky kiddos). Thanks for getting this place going, Dusty! We love it here.

7 Seas: 2101 Jefferson Ave

Being the most spacious location on the list, we often choose 7 Seas for birthday parties and other highly-attended celebrations. The large family-style tables and couch areas are great for “drop-in” gatherings. Along with food and coffee options from partnering companies 3uilt and Valhalla, 7 Seas can meet almost everyone’s needs. While we suggest bringing some activities for the kiddos, like a coloring set or card games, entertaining the adults is an easy feat. A Rude Parrot IPA in one hand and a shuffle board puck in the other is our choice way to spend an evening at this industrial on-site brewery.

BONUS: Every year 7 Seas hosts FREE Santa photos for the family…

or you and your jolly friends.

Pacific Brewing and Malting Company: 610 Pacific Ave

Established in 1897, Pacific Brewing and Malting Company has long served the hearts of Tacoma. After state wide prohibition shut them down in 1916, the company joyfully rebirthed nearly 100 years later with a vision of reawakening the beer scene using the same classic Pacific logo. The head brewers continually recognize the need for a well-crafted brew, by offering not only their six standard varietals, but a rotation of seasonal and limited editions (better get that growler fill quick!). For all the moms & dads out there, Pacific Brewing intentionally created a cozy, family-friendly environment where the kids can stay happy with a few provided games and a complimentary juice box while you enjoy a well-deserved hand-crafted brew. Their small menu even offers chicken strips, pretzels and pizza— every kid’s dream food.

Brewers Row: 3205 N 26th Street

Before settling into our 6th Ave neighborhood, John and I lived just two blocks from this little north end taco haven. We often strolled over for the breakfast burritos, espresso, and extra habanero sauce. If it were an evening visit, we would make the tough choice of selecting one (or two) of the twenty-four rotating (mostly local) taps. Kids have a choice of taps from the soda fountain or the daily rotating agua fresca. With a menu that boasts street taco classics like my favorites, chorizo verde and carne asada, as well as salad bowls and burrito options, it’s hard to leave unsatisfied. Vegan and vegetarian taco lovers have multiple options as well! So, when that nacho craving hits hard, stop by with kiddos in tow and enjoy some warm house made tortilla chips in the indoor family seating or, weather permitting, take a spot outside and enjoy a sunny day in the north end.

BONUS: Brewers Row offers a large selection of cans, bottles and growlers to-go!

Odd Otter: 716 Pacific Ave

This place is SO RAD. Not only does Odd Otter offer very unique brews and an adorable mascot, they have games, Capri Sun and Kid Karaoke on Sunday nights! Yep, you read that right. Kid Karaoke. Odd Otter has long supported local artists by offering up a venue to local performers, including children who are allowed to participate in open mic nights and are welcomed in the brewery until 9pm. Additionally, while the brewers entice you with their odd brews like the Ottermelon Hefeweizen and the Odditea Coconut Chai Brown, they are now tempting you further with hot wings, pizza and wax peppers off the condensed menu from neighboring restaurant Wooden City.

Whether you’re a parent needing to get out into some old familiar territory or you’re just the cool auntie/uncle looking to spend time with friends and family, we hope this opens up options that are pleasing for all ages.

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We are John and Catie Douville, real estate agents from the Tacoma area. We love exploring the South Sound and sharing our experiences through this blog. Sign up and never miss a post.

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